Where do I edit an email address on my email list, on my dashboard?

If you ever need to edit the email address of a specific email marketing contact, feel free to do so from the comfort of your Email Marketing Dashboard. 

Begin by logging on to your Email Marketing Dashboard, and locating the Search tool on the Dashboard's My List page. Unsure of how to do so? Go ahead and follow the visual aids here.

Once you've located the Search tool, go ahead and type in an identifying item (name, address, phone, or email address) for the contact, and hit the blue Search button. Below is an example of the search name "test".

The search will display all results containing the specific spelling of your search terms. The example below demonstrates the search results for "test". Once you've located the contact in mind, hit the  Edit button, which will allow you to adjust their contact info on file. 

After you've made changes to the contact's information, make sure to hit the Save button, to retain the changes you've made to the contact's details.

If you need to delete a contact, you can email the contact's name and email address to support@taxpromarketer.com. While our team does not recommend deleting contacts, we can get these deletions made for you in a timely manner and confirm once this edit is complete. 

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