How to add a new email contact through Quick Add

Ready to add a new contact to your Email Marketing contact list? 


To add a single contact to your contact list, you'll want to use your handy Quick Add feature on the Dashboard. Unsure how to get there? Check out the steps, by clicking here.

1. Once you're on Dashboard>My List, locate the Quick Add button on the page, as shown below:

2. By clicking this button, you will be redirected to your Quick Add form(s). As the forms appear, go ahead and place the new contact's information in the provided fields, as shown below:

3. As the information is submitted, by clicking the Add/Update button, you may be asked to verify your human identity, similar to image shown below:

If the system already recognizes your identity, you may not be asked to submit your identity. 

4. After choosing the correct images on the human verification step, and hitting Verify, your new contact will be submitted and you will be redirected back to the Quick Add form again. 

***Please note that though the contact is added instantaneously to your internal contact list, the contact will not be visible on the Dashboard list, for up to 24 hours after being added.

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