How do I update my email list? (Add/Remove names)

To add new email addresses to your existing email marketing contact list, or remove existing contacts, log onto your Email Marketing Dashboard. Unsure how to log in? Click here to learn more.

Once you're logged on to your Email Marketing Dashboard, see your upload options below:

1. Click on the My List option located on the blue menu, on the left-hand side of the Dashboard.

2. Once in the My List section, you can add new contacts one-by-one or add an entire contact list. See the steps for these options below:

  • You can add your email contacts individually (Using the Quick Add button) 

  • Or you can upload an entire contact list, by using the upload tool at the bottom of My List page: 

3. If you would like an email contact to stop receiving your marketing emails, simply search for the contact's name or email

Click the Opt-Out button next to the contact’s name to prevent them from receiving future marketing emails, while keeping them on the list to avoid accidental re-addition in the future. 

You are currently unable to delete names from your Dashboard list. To have a name deleted, please email us directly at and we will remove that person on your behalf.

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