Can I make changes to the Thank You emails?

As a subscriber to the Email Marketing program, you are provided with a "Thank You" email campaign, to be utilized after your clients' complete services with you.

The campaign can be used to stimulate referrals, testimonials, and up-sells on your behalf. To personalize the language of this tool, or simply view the content, feel free to review the tool on your Email Marketing Dashboard. To begin, log in to your Email Marketing Dashboard.

Unsure how to log into your Email Marketing Dashboard? Click here to learn how.

Once on your Email Marketing Dashboard, click on the Nurture Campaigns option located in the left-hand side banner of the page. 

Once in the Tools section of your Dashboard, you may click on the View button across from the "After Tax Prep" Follow-Up Sequence tool (aka Thank You emails).

The "After Tax Prep" Follow-Up tool page will contain detailed instructions on the tool's use, and how to edit the content provided there. After you've had a chance to edit the email content provided there, be sure to hit the Save button at the bottom of the page, to ensure your email edits are saved. 

Once your changes have been saved, go ahead and give yourself a high five for a job well done!

High Five

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