Can I make changes to my lead follow-up emails?

You are welcome and encouraged to customize the follow-up emails, provided to lead capture sign-ups. Since you know your business and preferences better than anyone, we like to leave you plenty of room for this.

To make changes to your Auto-Responder email sequences, log in to your Email Marketing Dashboard (Not sure how? See How To Access Dashboard for more information) and click on the Nurture Campaigns option, located on blue menu bar. 

Once in the Tools section of your Dashboard, you may click on the View button across from the Auto-Responder tool of your choice (As shown below): 

Once you're on the follow-up email page of your choice, scroll down to the email sequence provided there. 

Feel free to alter the emails to fit your preferences, and then hit the Save option. 

Having trouble? Feel free to contact our team at for assistance. We're happy to help!

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