What Email Marketing Tools do I have access to?

As a current subscriber to our Email Marketing services, you receive access to the following Tools:

  1. Website Capture Box: Once you place it on your site, you'll start to receive actual leads and prospects from whatever website you've got--even if it's not very good.
  2. "Auto-Responder" Sequence: A Free Report or White Paper will be integrated into an 8-step auto-responder sequence, which have been written on your behalf and converts visitors to your site to sales.
  3. Birthday Message: When you provide us with the birth dates of your clients, we will send (on your behalf) a special birthday message to them.
  4. Email Blast- Send up to two emails per month to your list(s): This feature is designed to enable you to send additional messages to your list, as you see fit. You have the option of sending additional sales messages (during tax season), firm announcements, etc. using your Email Marketing Revolution Dashboard.
  5. "After Tax Prep" Follow-Up Sequence: "Thank You" campaign for after your clients complete tax preparation, which stimulates referrals, testimonials, and up-sells on your behalf.

To personalize the language of these Tools, or simply view the content, feel free to edit the Tools on your Email Marketing Dashboard. To begin, log into your Email Marketing Dashboard.

Unsure how to log into your Email Marketing Dashboard? Click here to learn how.

Once you log into your Email Marketing Revolution Dashboard, locate the "My Email Marketing Tools" option, on the black banner menu, near the top of the Dashboard page. 

Once in this section of your Dashboard, you may click on the View or Create button across from each Tool to view and edit your Tools. 

Each premium tool page will contain detailed instructions on the tool's use, and how to edit the content provide there. Hope this information proves helpful!

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