How do I send out Thank You emails?

As a subscriber to the Email Marketing program, you are provided with a "Thank You" email campaign, to be utilized after your clients complete services with you.

The campaign can be used to stimulate referrals, testimonials, and up-sells on your behalf. To personalize the language of this tool, or simply view the content, feel free to review the tool on your Email Marketing Dashboard.

Once the Thank You campaign has been updated, feel free to provide the TaxProMarketer team with the contacts you would like sent the Thank You campaign. 

If your Thank You contact list exceeds 5 contacts, please provide the list in Excel, xlsx, or CSV formatting. The only contact information required is the contact's first name and email address, though you're welcome to provide their last name. Please format the contact details accordingly:

Feel free to upload a Thank You contact list via your upload function on the My List page of your Dashboard, noting your wish for the contacts to be sent the Thank You emails: 

Or, feel free to attach your Thank You contact list (In Excel, xlsx, or CSV formatting) to an email addressed to Simply note, in the email body, your wish for the contacts to receive the Thank You emails, and our team will take care of the rest.

Thank You

Note: If you upload a list of existing contacts, designating them for the Thank You emails, the email marketing system will differentiate between existing email addresses and new email contacts. The system will send the existing contacts the Thank You emails, but won't duplicate the contact info for the weekly marketing emails. The email system is built to recognize the email addresses that already exist on your contact list and will weed out duplicates. Not to worry!

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