Does TaxProMarketer provide lead scheduling options?

When a lead fills out your lead capture form, they are sent a series of follow-up emails introducing and warming them up to you with informative content. They will be provided with a variety of ways to contact your firm, including any lead scheduling links you provide TaxProMarketer with for your online marketing presence.

If your firm is on the market for a lead scheduling system, many of our professionals have enjoyed their experience with Calendly. The Calendly platform offers a free service plan for one user and one event type. Calendly can be used in tandem with a Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, G-Suite, as well as iCloud calendar. 

If you are looking to add multiple users to your plan, the next pricing plan up costs $8/mo. Here are step-by-step instructions, if you're interested in setting up a free account. Click here to view the instructions

Disclaimer: TaxProMarketer is not an affiliate of Calendly, and does not receive a profit from this professional recommendation.

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