Can I make changes to my website?

Yes! We'd be happy to make changes to your website for you. It's part of the service we are providing you with. Please review the following guidelines for submitting your site edits:
  • We can change nearly anything you need us to. If you move offices and need your new office address changed, if you add a new service, etc. All of these updates and more (within reason) are included in your subscription at no additional cost to our Core and Ultimate subscribers. Please just let us know if there's something you'd like to add/remove/change.
  • If you see any edits you'd like us to make, simply send a Word document with bullet point edits and we'll get right on it!
  • One document or email with all of your changes listed at once is preferred. Please try not to send us one-off changes via email over a period of a few days. This makes it difficult to keep track.

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