How do I edit or approve and send my weekly emails?

If you are actively subscribed to our TaxProMarketer email services, you have full access to view, edit, approve, and send your weekly marketing emails.

Option 1

1. You can click through to view the most updated weekly email from the email reminder with subject, "ALERT: New client emails ready" in your email inbox. Simply click the blue button in the reminder email as seen below:

Option 2

1. Head over to and log in to your Email Marketing Dashboard.

2. Once in your Email Marketing Dashboard, click on the My Emails option from the left-hand side of the navigation menu:

3. If you haven't uploaded your email marketing contact lists or approved your starter marketing emails, you will want to do so first, in order to view/edit/approve/send your most recent weekly email(s).

4. To approve the email, locate the week's date and Type of email (Small Business Clients, Tax Personal, Tax Both, Accounting and Bookkeeping or Tax Resolution) and click on the Edit & Preview button, located under the Action column. 

5. Read through the email content, and make your preferred edits to the email language. Once this is completed, scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box "I approve the content of this email". Hit the green "Preview & Send" button to preview the email. 

6. A pop-up window will open, displaying a preview of your marketing email. Once you are ready to send out the email, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window and click the Accept button. 

You can do this with your weekly email(s) on a weekly basis, unless you decide to turn on the auto-send email option. 

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