What information do you need for my contact list(s)?

The only required information for your Email Marketing contact list(s) is the contact's first name and email address, but additional contact details can prove helpful.
Below is an example of how your file(s) should be set up in Excel or in a .csv file (generic spreadsheet file).  If you don't have all the information for all of your clients, we can start with what you have and then add information as you receive it.  But again, the only information required to send out your emails to a contact is their first name and their email address.

If you are a current subscriber to the email marketing services, and utilize both the Personal and Business email tracks, please sort your list by contacts who you want to send your individual/1040 content emails ( Personal) and who you want to send your business content emails ( Business) to. Provide these two lists in separate Excel or .csv files, to support@taxpromarketer.com.
We ask for the birth dates of your contacts and their spouse because automated birthday greetings are an included tool in your email marketing services. The birthday greetings are for your contacts and their spouse and are sent out on your behalf.  All our team will need to know is their birthdays and we will take care of the rest.  You can fully edit your birthday greeting by going to your Email Marketing Dashboard and then My Email Marketing Tools>Birthday Message. To learn more about your email marketing tools, visit: What Email Marketing Tools do I have access to?

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