How can I view/edit my Birthday email?

The birthday email which is made available to you in your Email Marketing Tools on your Email Marketing Dashboard can be easily viewed and/or edited.  To begin, log into your Email Marketing Dashboard. Unsure how to log into your Email Marketing Dashboard? Click here to learn how.

Once you log into your Email Marketing Dashboard, locate the Nurture Campaigns option, on the left-hand side of the Dashboard page: 

Once on this section of your Dashboard, go ahead and click the View button across from the "Birthday Message" Tool: 

Once on the Birthday Message page, you can view detailed instructions on the tool's function, as well as edit the email content provided there. If changes are made, be sure to choose the option to save these adjustments. 

NOTE:  The use of this tool requires contacts' birth dates to be included on the contact list(s) you have provided for TaxProMarketer. 

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