Why am I not seeing all my ad extensions (GBP info included in the ad)?

Sometimes extensions you want to use don't show with your ads. That doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong.

Extensions can be approved or disapproved just like ads and keywords. Disapproved extensions do not show and need to be edited and submitted for re-review.

Even if it’s approved, adding an extension won’t guarantee that it will show with your ad all the time. Extensions show with your ad when:
  • The extension (or combination of extensions) is predicted to improve your performance.
  • Your ad’s position and Ad Rank is high enough for extensions to show.

Ads shows your extensions depending on a number of factors such as:
  1. Your Ad Rank, which combines your bid, the quality of your ad and landing page, Ad Rank thresholds, context of the person’s search, and expected impact of extensions and other ad formats. AdWords requires a minimum Ad Rank (factoring in your extensions) before showing extensions. So, you may need to increase your bid or your ad quality (or both) in order for your extensions to show.
  2. The position of your ad on the Google search results page. There’s a limited amount of space available above Google search results for ad extensions, and ads in higher positions get the first opportunity to show extensions.  Ads in lower positions generally won’t have more extensions than ads in higher positions. Plus, the AdWords system generally won’t allow ads in lower positions to get more incremental clicks from extensions than the incremental clicks they’d get from moving up to a higher position. To show ads in higher positions, generally you need to increase your ad quality, bid, or both.
  3. Other extensions you’ve enabled. In each auction, we'll generally show your highest performing and most useful combination of eligible extensions and formats. You will not be able to get a combination of extensions which gives more expected click-through-rate (CTR) than the expected CTR of a higher ad position.

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