Why can't I see my own ad?

There are multiple reasons why you don’t see your ad when you search for it, even using the keywords (KWs) that are being used in the Google Ads campaign.
The ad is shown as a result of a number of other targeting methods, including but not limited to, geography, day and time of the week, device, interests, ad type, and of course, budget.
You may or may not fulfill all the criteria to have the ad shown to you.

For example, if a campaign is limited by budget, we are not able to maximize the impression share. Because we do not have enough money to sustain impressions throughout the whole day, we are only showing up ~45% when someone searches our KWs. This ensures that your ad is visible throughout the month for your given budget and we don't run out of money halfway through.

The only way to ensure that ads are showing more throughout the day is to increase budget, or shrink targeting (ad schedule, geotarget, etc).

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