What happens if I search for my own ad?

We get it. Everyone wants to see their own ad to ensure it is running. However, your ad might not appear every time you search for it. Just because your ad does not appear, it is not fair to assume that there is something wrong with the campaign.

There are a couple of other reasons why you should not do this:
  1. You could get your IP blocked: if you repeatedly search for the same keywords and don’t click on the ads, Google may think of you as bot traffic and might block your IP
  2. You are shooting yourself in the foot: When you repeatedly search for your own keywords and don’t click on it, Google thinks this ad is not relevant. It also decreases the Clickthrough Rate (CTR). A lower CTR results in a lower Quality Score. A lower Quality Score will ultimately increase your Cost Per Click (CPC).

Continuing this practice could eventually lead to a very high CPC or in extreme cases getting your ads blocked due to low relevance.

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