Can I use my own Infusionsoft application with Email Marketing?

Yes - our team can send the emails from directly within your own Infusionsoft application or Keap account, and setup your auto-responders and other tools there too. All we need is a user login to your application, and we'll get everything setup for you in there. You can either send an existing login to share, or even better, if you have an available separate login you can manage our permissions however you’d like.

It's important to note that having your own InfusionSoft account won't increase or decrease your monthly email marketing subscription with TaxProMarketer, and you will save a bundle by utilizing the provided TaxProMarketer InfusionSoft account, rather than purchase your own.

However, if you prefer having an account of your own, we're happy to accommodate this preference. Once you grant our team access to your InfusionSoft or Keap account, we will build your Email Marketing campaign directly within the account. 

Instead of managing your list, your follow-up sequences, your webforms and your weekly email broadcasts through our Infusionsoft account, we will manually manage it through your account. 

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