Should I give you the same contact list for the Business and Personal content tracks?

Armed with both the Tax Personal Strategy Notes content and the Small Business Clients Strategy Notes, you are set to engage a wide audience. Very exciting!

The Small Business Clients Strategy Notes email content is geared toward small business owners and entrepreneurs. Most often, these people will be different than the people who would like to utilize the information from the Tax Personal Strategy (1040) email content

We do not recommend using the same contact list for both email tracks, as everyone on your list will be receiving two emails per week, which may be a little bit much for them. We do have some clients who choose to do this, but our team does not recommend this method, as it will lead to your contacts feeling overwhelmed by content, and may result in them opting out of your marketing emails. 

Instead, we recommend breaking down your overall email contact list, into two email contact lists, according to which of the content would benefit that contact relationship the best.

Need additional tips on how to divide up your email marketing contacts? See our Help article on the subject.

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