How do I get more "Likes" on my Facebook page?

Here are some crucial tips on how to increase your Facebook page’s organic likes:

1. Like and share your own page. From your personal Facebook profile, share the link to your business Facebook page on your profile with a message like, “Hey guys, have you seen my Facebook business page? We post a ton of real world finance and tax solutions, so please like us and share with your friends!” If you’ve already done this, you’re on the right track.

2. Send an email out to all of your friends and family with this template content:

"Hello there!

I just wanted to let you know I’ve got a new Facebook business page to be able to stay better connected! Please come check it out and “Like” and “Follow” me: (insert your Facebook link here: ). Thanks for your support!"

3. List your business page in your employment history. This is a simple way for folks who know you to see that your business has a Facebook page (and hence to Like it). Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do this:

4. Add a link to your Facebook to your e-mail signature. You can go to to find a Facebook icon that you like.

5. Post more personal items to your business page periodically. This would be things that we wouldn’t know (personal and business photos, personal and business updates and stories, client testimonials). We can help with this, if you send us items to post or need a little help getting used to how to do it.

These are some simple ways to increase traffic and visibility to your Facebook page. Sharing your page and posts with those you know is the best way to reach new leads, since your personal contacts will always be your biggest “word-of-mouth” advocates on Facebook. And in the social arena, your friends are truly your greatest allies.


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