How do I build a larger email list?

  • We recommend getting your "lead capture" box (part of the Premium Tools subscription) set up on the Home Page of your website. This sign-up "lead capture" box includes a Follow-up Email Sequence visitors will receive as a multi-part email series after they sign up (to warm folks up to you) and a Free Report, which provides value/incentive for signing up. This way, you can make full use of the traffic already visiting your site, and it also ensures that the effort spent driving traffic to your website isn't for naught. Visitors will have the opportunity to sign up and get more information, whereas right now they most likely do not have that option. If you are a current subscriber to our Email Marketing+Social Media program, we provide this lead capture follow-up through a landing page on your Facebook business page.
  • If you are currently in the market for direct local mailers, our team would recommend checking out Taradel. Their EveryDoorDirectMailing service is a direct mailing program, aimed at reaching demographic leads in your local radius. Feel free to check out the EveryDoorDirectingMailing templates, if you're curious about their mailing designs.
    Their EveryDoorDirectMailing pricing options are available here:
  • One strategy we've seen implemented to help entice people to sign up for your free report (and thus be added to your email list) is to offer an incentive like a free consultation or $10 off a tax appointment for anyone who signs up for the report. If you are subscribed to our social media marketing services, we can post the promotion on your Facebook page.
  • We also offer a print newsletter service, to mail a relational newsletter to a targeted demographic in your market area. This can be quite effective at gathering fresh leads.

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