How do I hyperlink text within the Email Editor?

Hyperlinking text within the email editor is a simple and effective way to direct your readers to relevant webpages or resources. Here's a quick guide on how to do this within your Email Marketing Dashboard:

  • Highlight the Text: Start by selecting the word or phrase you want to hyperlink within the email. Simply click and drag to highlight the desired text.
  • Click the Paperclip Icon: Once you've highlighted the text, look for the paperclip icon in the email editor toolbar. See the example image below. 

  • Insert the Link: Enter the URL of the webpage or resource you want to link to in the designated field.
  • Save: Once you've entered the link, click the green checkmark to save your changes. 

That's it! You've successfully hyperlinked text within your Email Marketing Dashboard. This simple tool allows you to enhance the engagement of your email content, directing your readers to additional information or resources with one click. 

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