Hiring Funnel for Your Website

Now hiring.

Two words that usually mean HOURS of drain on your time and resources. You curate a job listing looking for just the right person to fill that need in your business. That'll turn up applicants, for sure ... many that aren't what you're looking for and a few that you might be interested in. But you have to sort through entry after entry, resume after resume to figure that out.
OR... you could use a HIRING FUNNEL. A few simple, well-placed questions that weed out undesirables and help you zone in on candidates you might actually consider for the position. Then, you can post that funnel on your website, on a landing page, on your Facebook page, in a QR code you put in the storefront window, or print on socks for all your relatives (okay, maybe not that last one).
You can see your own hiring funnel and test it out in your ClientStack account. Log in to your account, click on "Sites" in the left side menu, then go to "Surveys", and look for the "Hiring Funnel Template":
Bonus: If we manage your website for you, we'll do the extra step of creating a "We're Hiring" page for your website with the embedded Hiring Funnel.
Sound like something you want to do? Shoot us an email.
A couple notes:
  • We've developed this content in consultation with a successful multi-location tax and accounting office. They've had excellent results during the year as a result of using and refining these questions.
  • We recommend using the questions and layout as they are. However, if you have custom questions you would like us to add or replace to specifically fit your niche, you can reply to this email with your preferred content.

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