Where can I find my analytics?

TaxProMarketer takes the results of your firm's marketing very seriously. We want to see you succeed! It is important to our team, that your office has every opportunity to see the effects of your online digital marketing. TaxProMarketer provides your marketing data and analytics, from key marketing platforms to your Members Area. 

To locate the Data and Analytics area, you will begin by logging in to your Members Area.

Once you've logged in to your TaxProMarketer Members Area, find the "Data and Analytics" icon. Click on the icon or on the blue text below the icon, to enter the Data and Analytics page. 

There are a few different views of data given in this Data and Analytics area of your Members Area. 

1. If you are a current Google Advertising client with TaxProMarketer, you will have your Advertising Results Data added at the very top.

2. If you currently have website services with TaxProMarketer, the next area of Analytics provided here is the record of Website Form fills, which are filled out by new leads on your Lead-form on your website's homepage. These forms are sent to your Sales Email we have on file for you, but we also store them all in this area, should you want to check here as well.

3. The next area of Analytics is the data we're tracking directly from your GoogleBusinessProfile. These details are showing a comparison of the set amount of time in the top right corner compared against the same previous amount of time before. (If set December-March, it's comparing the results of that time period to the 4 previous months). This helps you track the actions and results of GoogleBusinessProfile activity due to our efforts at TaxProMarketer and your Google Review efforts.

4. Finally, at the bottom, we have a full view available to you of your Keyword Ranking and your Local Search Grid results. These results are going to show you how our efforts are boosting certain keywords used when consumers are looking for your services using those keywords.

If you need further insight into these analytics or have further questions on finding this area in your Members Area, feel free to reach out to our team via email (support@taxpromarketer.com) or connect with us via Live Chat (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm CST). 

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