What is the Manual Posting option for my Facebook Business page content posts?

As a part of your TaxProMarketer services, our team will automatically post content to your Facebook Business page Monday thru Friday. The content we post depends on the preference you chose when filling out the form provided during your onboarding journey. You are also provided with a space to update your posting preferences, via your Social Media Dashboard.  

The Facebook content is posted automatically on your behalf unless you choose our Non-Posting option. This Non-Posting option gives you the ability to see all the different content streams available through TaxProMarketer and choose which daily piece of content you would like to post to your own Facebook Business page. If you choose to proceed with the Non-posting method, the TaxProMarketer team will continue managing the page on your behalf, as well as field any comments or messages to the page, but will not post the content to your page automatically. 

If you choose the Non-posting option, the daily content (posts, images, etc) is sent to your office via email. It is then up to you to post the content you prefer, allowing you to control what content is added to your Facebook business page. 

If you would like to try this option, you can alert our team via email (support@taxpromarketer.com) or connect with us via Live Chat (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm CST). We will take it from there!

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