Recommendations for TikTok Footage

As your TaxProMarketer team begins to launch TikTok ads for your firm, we will need your help in retrieving video footage of your office. Given TikTok ads are a video-based medium, with content focused on individuals; it is key that our team apply video footage of your firm to your TikTok ads.

Our team will be in touch with filming themes that are appropriate for your target focus, allowing you or your team to film these scenarios with ease.

As you or your team get started with the filming suggestions, we want to make sure that none of your hard work is lost due to filming hiccups.  

As you jump into filming these clips, we recommend taking the following into consideration.

  • Each clip should be 20-30 seconds long.
  • In order to work on TikTok, the videos must be shot vertically. 
  • If you are filming in your office, be sure to tidy up the place. 
  • Natural lighting is best, so make the most of any window in your home or office space. 
  • Turn off the sound for your video clips, as TaxProMarketer will be editing sound bits into these ads.
  • Please note that front-facing camera, on a smart phone, has more megapixels than a rear-facing camera. The quality of your video will be higher if you record your videos using the rear-facing camera. If possible, try asking someone to record your video instead of recording it yourself.

Before you rush out to buy a digital camera, know that you likely already have a high quality camera in your possession. Your smart phone is very likely already equipped with a very powerful camera, and even if it can’t shoot in 4K, it can still produce a great video with a few tweaks of the settings. Below you will find screenshots of the Camera/Video settings for Android and iPhone that you can change to get crisper videos.



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