Why is there a 3-month commitment when starting my Ad Campaign?

When you sign up for TaxProMarketer's Google Search Advertising service, the TaxProMarketer team will ask that your firm give ads at least a 3-month commitment. We want to see you win!

By committing to three months, you are giving your campaign time to get through the pivotal first few months it takes to analyze the incoming data. Our advertising team receives this data, based on search results and search terms being used in correlation with the initial keywords being used to trigger your ad online. We want you to be able to see results, based on a shorter duration of time after our team has done continued work on the campaign.

We'll be optimizing and tweaking your Google ad campaign in a focused and ongoing way, to help your campaign perform the best it can. Having the three-month time period allows us adequate time to dial in your ads and get them humming. 

Rest assured your TaxProMarketer team will be providing in-depth reporting for your Google Ad campaign. We will be sending steps your way to locate this key info, which will include a custom ad performance data area after your ads are launched.

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