Can I target multiple different cities and focus on multiple different types of people with Advertising?

When you sign up for Google Advertising with TaxProMarketer, you are asked to fill out valuable, detailed information about the focus of your Google Advertising campaign. Your onboarding form will request that you provide a geographic area you would like to target with your advertising. 

Depending on your budget, TaxProMarketer can design your ad to show up in searches within certain zip codes or certain, whole geographic areas. The larger your budget, the more areas our team can target on your behalf.

While we are unable to exclude certain types of people from seeing your ad, TaxProMarketer can exclude certain keywords from your advertising campaign. By doing so, it teaches Google to avoid showing your ads to those interested in services like yours, within a different niche or focus. We are also able to change the focus of your advertising depending on what service you want to draw attention to.

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