What is the difference between contacts marked as Non-Marketable and those marked Marketable in my Email Marketing Dashboard contact list(s)?

    When you upload a list of contacts or single contacts to your Email Marketing Dashboard to send your valuable weekly emails to, there are a few "Status" labels the dashboard will give to each contact uploaded.
    Contacts marked as "Marketable":

    This email status is automatically applied on a weekly basis to any email address that has not engaged with your marketing efforts.  The system checks email engagement status every weekend. When the contact re-engages with your marketing, their email status will revert to the previous state. Specifically, the status will be applied when, within the last few months, all of the following are true:

    • The contact has not opened an email

    • The contact has not clicked a link in an email

    • Submitted a webform/landing page

    • Contact's email status has existed in any "opt-in" status for at least 4 months

    Contact/s marked as "Unengaged Non-Marketable" 

    This email status is automatically applied to contact/s on a weekly basis who have not engaged with your marketing efforts in the last quarter. This means the contact has not opened an email or clicked on a link in your emails. You will no longer be able to send marketing emails to these contacts once this status is applied to their contact profile. 

    In order for this status to change, the contact will need to agree, whether written or verbally, to receive your marketing emails. If they do request to receive your emails, let your TaxProMarketer team know, and we will update the contact status on your behalf.

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