How do I add new users to my ClientStack account?

Here's how to share access for your staff or partners to the tools provided through ClientStack: 

1. To begin, go to

Need help getting logged in? Follow the steps provided here

2. Once in your app, choose the Settings option from the lower left-hand menu. 

3. The Settings menu will then provide you with an option titled My Staff. Select this option from the menu.

4a. On the Team Management page, click the "Add Employee" button to add a new team member.

4b. Alternatively, you can quickly add a team member right from your LaunchPad tab by adding their email address:

5. After you have added an employee or partner, you can always edit their contact info or delete their role later. To edit their info, click the edit button next to their name. To delete their role, select the dropdown menu, and choose "Delete" from the menu.  

For video steps, see:

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