Why does my Keyword Ranking report contain local areas?

The TaxProMarketer team will provide your firm with a Keyword Ranking report. This report is designed to show your organic progress in your firm's online keyword ranking. 

You may note the report contains keywords that pertain to your local market area. It's key that our team use your firm's physical city, which may differ from the official market area used for your online marketing presence. For example, in Kansas City, your report would reflect areas like Waldo, Brookside, Plaza, etc.  Or, if you're in a larger metro area like Dallas or NYC, we would try and find a neighborhood or localized submarket based around your physical address.

Your keyword ranking report doesn’t create or affect the area we are targeting for new clients -- the report simply tracks progress on organic Google keywords. The more narrow market we select for your online presence, the more useful this keyword ranking report will be. It will not interfere with the area you have selected for us to focus on, whether on your website or in ads. 
Your keyword ranking report is tracking a fixed keyword list. It is not representative of every keyword you rank for. It is a static list of high search volume keywords that function as a litmus test for growth in search rankings for your firm. 
Keyword rank  does fluctuate. It is normal to see a keyword you ranked #1 for last month slip to #3 the next month. This is nothing to be alarmed about. What you want to look for is overall trends, especially in relation to keywords in the top 10. That is what our team is looking for. 
This report takes time to show progress, especially in competitive markets. It is a very fun report to look at once everything begins to click. This time period is different for each client and depends on many factors.

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