Having trouble being added as a Facebook Admin?

If your personal Facebook profile is private, hidden from the general public, it's not uncommon for Facebook to hinder our team from adding your profile as an Admin on your Facebook business page. Many times Facebook will hide folks' profile, if they feel that you are not "connected" with the individual you are attempting to add as an Admin. Happily, there is an easy way around this.
By "Friending" our TaxProMarketer profile, Facebook will see us as connected, and will allow our team to add you as an Admin on the business page.

1. Locate the Search bar in the upper left-hand side of Facebook page

2. Type in "Nate Tpm Hagerty", and hit Enter on your keyboard 

3. Click on the profile with following photo

4. Once on the Nate Tpm Hagerty profile, click the +Add Friend button. This lets Facebook know you'd like to be affiliated with the TPM profile, and will allow you to then add our team as an Admin on your business page.

After our team has confirmed this friend request, you and the TPM profile will be "Friends". Facebook will see this connection, and allow us to add you as an Admin on the business page.

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