How do I respond to client reviews in ClientStack?

Using premium tools provided through your TaxProMarketer ClientStack App, your firm has the ability to quickly respond to online Google reviews. 

Through the TaxProMarketer Business app, your office can see online reviews left for your business, and even interact with the reviews. Using the TaxProMarketer ClientStack App, you can post a public response to folks who have reviewed your business, as well as quickly solicit positive reviews from some of your satisfied clients.

Given the importance of online reviews, we highly recommend providing respectful responses to online reviews, even if the review is poor or malicious in nature. Anyone visiting your online platforms will be able to view both the review and your response, so demonstrating professionalism and integrity in your response is key.

1. To respond to reviews, open up your TaxProMarketer ClientStack app

2. Once on the app, choose the  Reputation option from the menu on the left-hand side of your app Dashboard: 

3. On the Reputation Management page, go ahead and click the Reviews tab. 

4. Under each review listed on this page, there is an area to respond with your own professional, clear and kind words. When you feel confident of your response, you can click the "Respond" button:

5. Once you've hit "Respond", the response will show up in this same area as well as on your public platform for anyone to view.

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