How can I send a promotion to my Facebook fans?

Looking to alert your local Facebook audience to a promotion or change happening at your office? We're happy to help!

If you'd like to alert folks on your own, feel free to post the promotion offer to your Facebook business page "Wall" as an announcement to your fans, or you can can upload a photo of a coupon, and in the caption explain the terms of the offer. However, know that our team is also happy to post seasonal offers or announcement posts to the Facebook business page on your behalf. 

Feel free to share desired posting content, with our team, from the comfort of your Social Media Dashboard. Begin by logging into your Members Area (Unsure how to do this? Check out this article).

Locate the blue Click Here link, under the Social Media Dashboard icon, and click on it.

Once on your Social Media area, scroll to the middle of the page, locating the Request a special post to your Facebook page area: 

Using the fields provided, share the text you'd like to appear in your upcoming Facebook post, and hit the Send To Your Marketing Team button, once finished.

If you'd like an image to appear alongside your Facebook post, feel free to upload the image to File Uploader area of your Social Media Dashboard:

As Facebook does not accept PDF or Word files in for Facebook page posts, be sure to convert promotional files to JPEG or PNG file formatting before sharing them on your Social Media Dashboard. 

If you would like the Facebook post to go out at a specific time, feel free to include this preference in your post message to our team. We'll see that your post is shared with your Facebook fans! 

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