Can I automate my blog posts?

If you are a subscriber to our website services, you may already be aware that our blogging team creates and posts weekly search engine-optimized blog content to your marketing website, which covers a wide variety of topics. 

On a weekly basis the new blog content is provided to your Email Marketing Dashboard, where you'll have the opportunity to edit and approve the new blog content. Once you've made your preferred edits, and hit the approval option for the blog, our team will then add the new blog post to your website.

However, if you choose not to make edits to the provided blog content, please note the post will be automatically added to your website, unless you choose to turn off the automatic blog posting option. 

To turn off, or on, the automatic blog option, log on to your Email Marketing Dashboard and locate the Settings option on the Dashboard menu. 

Hit the "Automatic blog posting settings" button, to change your posting settings:

To automate your weekly blogs, check the " Post my blogs to my website automatically, without individual approval" box.

Once the box is checked, your blogs will automatically be posted to the website by our blogging team. We hope this option provides you with ease of choice moving forward!

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