What browser is most user-friendly for my Email Marketing Dashboard?

Our team regularly makes exciting updates to the Email Marketing Dashboard, bringing new tools and helpful changes, to enhance your Dashboard experience. 

As we've added new tools to the Dashboard, we've found that several older internet browsers do not have the updated technology to keep up with these changes.

Due to this lag, many of the Dashboard's buttons and functions have proven unsuccessful for clients when they log into the Dashboard, using an outdated browser. 

For example, if you click the Preview & Send button at the bottom of your weekly email, and find it is not providing a preview pop-up for you to review, this is very likely due to your current browser.

Please be aware the following browsers may cause obstacles to your Dashboard experience:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • AOL
  • Browsers that have not been recently updated

Instead, our team recommends using browsers like Google Chrome for an ideal Email Marketing Dashboard experience. 

If you are currently using a Chrome browser, yet still find the Dashboard buttons don't appear to be functioning as they should, please contact our team. 

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