Best Practices for Headshots

To ensure a quality representation of your business, please submit headshots of yourself and members of your team, using the practices outline here. We hope these tips prove helpful! 

Your business photo will look best if it meets the following standards:

 Format: JPG or PNG
 Size: Between 10KB and 5MB
 Minimum DPI: 72dpi
 Preferable minimum resolution: 560px tall, 460px wide
 Absolutely lowest minimum: 300px x 300px

  •  The photo should be in focus and well lit.
  • Uniform lighting (no shadows or reflections) with appropriate brightness and contrast to show natural skin tone.
  • No extreme photoshop alterations or excessive use of filters.
  • No marks or 'red eye'.
  • The image should represent a professional appearance.
  • A simple background that contrasts with your face.

 While we typically do not recommend selfies, smartphone cameras have increased in photo resolution, so we do make exceptions to this recommendation. Here is a link that gives helpful advice on taking a professional selfie: How to Take a Professional Selfie

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