Adding Logo to Email Dashboard

Time to add your logo! 

Follow these steps to upload a logo to your dashboard, so that it will appear at the top of your weekly marketing emails, or anywhere that the ~Profile.Logo~ merge field is used in the Email Body.

Please keep in mind that images in the .png format do not work, as they are not compatible with the email merge field.  Logos need to be in JPG format. 

To ensure high quality resolution for your viewers, be sure that your logos are no more than 300 pixels wide and 150 pixels high. Use your best judgement when resizing or reformatting. 

Steps to Upload Logo...

1. Click on Settings option on the Dashboard menu. 

2. Scroll to the bottom and click on the "Change additional information" text, which will redirect you away to logo area.

3. Click on "Upload logo", find the logo image, and upload it. 

4. When the uploader pops up, upload your photo:

Select the logo file first, and then a menu will appear. Hit the "Choose" option from the menu:

5. You should see a link filled out in the Logo field, like this. Click Save. That's it! 

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