Having trouble adding TPM as an Admin?

Feeling stuck? Attempting to add your TPM team as an Admin, but experiencing technical difficulties?

Not to worry!

Many times Facebook will gray out the Add button, next to the Page Roles field, if they feel that you are not "connected" with the individual you are attempting to add as an Admin. Happily, there is an easy way around this.

1. Locate the Search bar in the upper left-hand side of Facebook page

2. Type in "Ben Tpm Greutman", and hit Enter on your keyboard 

3. Click on the profile with following photo

4. Once on the Ben Tpm Greutman profile, click the +Add Friend button. This lets Facebook know you'd like to be affiliated with the TPM profile, and will allow you to then add our team as an Admin on your business page.

5. After our team has confirmed this friend request, go ahead and go back to the Page Roles page on your Facebook business page. Type in "Ben Tpm Greutman", and choose the right profile from the drop-down menu

6. Now that you and the TPM profile are "Friends", Facebook should allow you to click the Add button, and will then prompt you for your personal password, to confirm your identity. 

Still have questions? Alternative not working? Please send us a quick email at support@taxpromarketer.com, or connect with us via Live Chat (Mon-Fri 12-4pm CST), as we're happy to help.

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