Facebook Access for Your TaxProMarketer Team

Our team is excited to utilize your Facebook business page in your marketing!

In order to do so, we'll need you to do two things:
1. Make us an Admin (not Editor) on your page. Follow the steps below to add our team as admin:
a. Log in to your personal profile that has access to your Business Facebook Page, and then switch to your Business Page.
b. Next click the "Manage" button that appears below your Cover Photo on your Business Page.

c. A new page will appear with a menu on the left-hand side. Please click "Page Access" in that menu. 

d. On the next screen you will see a list of those with different access to your page.  Across from the heading "People with Facebook access" there will be the blue text "Add New", please click that. 

e. A pop-up window will appear, and it is explaining what Facebook Access is.  In order for our team to manage your page we will need you to click the "Next" button here. 

f.  Then you will search using the name Ben Tpm Greutman or the URL for his profile which is https://www.facebook.com/ben.greutman.71 (if the name doesn't work usually the URL is the key to success).  Once Ben's profile appears in the drop-down go ahead and select him. 

g. Now you will see the pop-up window below.  First, you will need to toggle the switch to turn on "full control" as shown in the red text and box.  This will give us the necessary access to provide the services you are paying for.  Finally, you will click the "Give Access" button to complete the process, and invite us to be an Admin on your page. Then choose the TaxProMarketer photo from the dropdown options. Then, make sure it says "Admin" next to the email address you just entered, and click  Add.

2. Once our team has admin access to your page, the next step will be to connect your Facebook business page to our posting platform by following the on-page instructions here: https://member.taxpromarketer.com/social-media 
If you'd like to be included in our future social posting tests on LinkedIn, connect your LinkedIn company page while you're there.

Still have questions? Please send us a quick email at support@taxpromarketer.com, or connect with us via Live Chat (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm CST), as we're happy to help.

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