How do I update my marketing information?

If you and your team need to update the information our team utilizes when marketing for your business, feel free to do so from the comfort of your online Members Area.

To begin, simply log onto your Member Area. If you're unsure of how to perform this step, check out our Help article on the subject.

Once on your Members Area, follow these steps to locate your Marketing Information:

1. Hover over the Member Home menu option, at the top of the page. Choose My Profile from the dropdown menu.

3. On the My Profile page, you are provided with two areas to update your information, your Marketing Information (first box on the page) and your Personal Information (second box on the page). 

4. Once you've made the proposed changes to your Marketing or Personal information, don't forget to hit the Update button at the bottom of the box.

After the information has been submitted, our team will begin updating your entire marketing presence, based on the changes you've made. 

For more information on these steps, please contact or connect with us via Live Chat (Mon-Fri 12-4pm CST), as we're happy to help.

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