Can I make changes to the Special Report and/or White Paper report?

You are welcome to change the content or wording you like, to suit your business--or, we can also offer another report you've written. 

You are welcome and encouraged to customize the Special Report and/or White Paper however you like. Since you know your business and preferences better than anyone, we like to leave you plenty of room for this.

To make changes to your Special Report (For 1040/personal tax leads) or White Paper report (For business tax leads), log in to your Email Marketing Dashboard and click on the My Email Marketing Tools menu option, located in the black banner near the top of the page. 

Once in the tools section of your Dashboard, you may click on the View button across from the Auto-Responder tool of your choice:

Once you've downloaded the editable report, from the middle of the page, feel free to make any desired changes to the content. 

Following your changes to the report, go ahead and attach the updated report to an email (, communicating to our support team that you'd like this updated report represented in your marketing.

Our team will be in touch shortly, as we implement your desired changes!

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