Can I create a different video for my home page?

Our team provides a place-holder testimonial video for all the websites we produce, as we have found that having a video present on a website is a component for SEO and creating user engagement. 

The video we place on your home page serves as a "sample" testimonial. It can remain on your site inevitably if you like it, but if you'd prefer something different, feel free to create a video testimonial with another actor using a real (written) customer testimonial. 

We recommend you use this space on your home page for actual client video testimonials, but you are welcome to replace it with your own videos as well. Often times, happy clients are more than thrilled to record a testimonial video for you, or to be recorded by someone at your office. These are great, authentic ways to show how much your clients really enjoy your service.

YouTube and Vimeo are free video production sites that are easy to use. We can add and implement any and all videos on your site that you send to us. Whether it is a video about your book or a client testimonial video, or any other type of video you produce.

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