What is the style of the weekly marketing emails?

Our balanced approach and aim with the stylization of the weekly marketing emails, is that they 1) not look too market-y, but 2) would have some visual interest and appeal to them, while also 3) looking like something that an average business owner (rather than a marketer or template) might have sat down and typed out, and yet still 4) having a sufficiently professional appearance for a tax expert. 

We have found this approach to work extremely successfully for our other clients, and haven't received complaints from those who've given it a chance.

But with that said, you're always welcome to change anything in any or every email, should you so wish. Additionally, Nate, our CEO, has designed this format in accordance with his best expert knowledge of email marketing and copywriting, and of the industry .  And our results have borne out its effectiveness.  

Feel free to reach out to our team at support@taxpromarketer.com with any additional questions you may have!

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